Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

carpet is a textile floor covering typically consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. The pile was traditionally made from wool, but, synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, nylon or polyester are often used, as these fibers are less expensive than wool. The pile usually consists of twisted tufts which are typically heat-treated to maintain their structure. The term "carpet" is often used interchangeably with the term "rug", although the term "carpet" can be applied to a floor covering that covers an entire house, whereas a "rug" is generally no bigger than a single room, and traditionally does not even span from one wall to another, and is typically not even attached as part of the floor.

Carpets are used for a variety of purposes, including insulating a person's feet from a cold tile or concrete floor, making a room more comfortable as a place to sit on the floor (e.g., when playing with children or as a prayer Rug), reducing sound from walking (particularly in apartment buildings) and adding decoration or colour to a room. Carpets can be made in any colour by using differently dyed fibers. Carpets can have many different types of patterns and motifs used to decorate the surface. Carpets are used in industrial and commercial establishments such as retail stores and hotels and in private homes. A huge range of carpets and rugs are available at many price and quality levels, ranging from inexpensive, synthetic carpets that are mass produced in factories and used in commercial buildings to costly hand-knotted wool rugs which are used in private homes of wealthy families.

1 Old Equipment used          2-New Equipment used

for tufting.                                  for tufting.




Hand-Tufted carpet is a tufting rug. To produce a hand-tufted rug, Canvas is stretched on a frame then, Stenciled a design on it after it used a tufting gun to tuft yarn through the canvas. This tuft leaves a yarn loop at the back and the front for each shot. After completing the tuft remove the Canvas from the frame .Then, It gone for inspection for quality & design check. After completing this it's hand over for the finishing.For finishing of a hand tufted carpet, a coating of latex is applied at the back to secure the carpet against any wear & tear. Shearing is a process where all the loose ends & projecting ends are sealed or tied to secure the carpet. 

This quality rugs are made in different materials like Bamboo silk, Viscose, Wool etc. Geometrical, Stripes, Floral, Modern, Persian & Plain design carpets are made on it. Normally a modern rug size 140x200 cm get off from  loom in 1-2 days by single weavers. 


Why buy from us?

Our Hand Tufted Modern Carpets are widely appreciated for their numerous features like precise design, high durability and supreme quality.

Our experts craft the carpets in accordance with latest trends of the market and to suit the tastes and preferences of our customers in a very affordable price.

We use good synthetic latex to provide more durable and flexing backing that reduces odor and extends the rug's life. It does not present a risk to those with latex allergies, nor does it dry out or break down over time.

Dry clean wash (use professional rug cleaner)

   Equipment used for weaving.





Handloom Carpet is made by handloom machine that is operated by skilled human hands without using any source of energy like Electricity. It is a simple machine used for weaving. In a wooden or iron vertical-shaft looms, the heddles are fixed in place in the shaft. The warp threads pass alternately through a heddle and through a space between the heddles (the shed), so that raising the shaft raises half the threads, and lowering the shaft lowers the same threads — the threads  passing through the spaces between the heddles remain in a place.

This quality rugs are made in different materials like Bamboo silk, Viscose, Wool etc. Check Box, stripes & Plain carpet and durries are made on it. Rug size 140x200 cm get off from loom in 1  days by 3 weavers.

This rug made in different qualities:-

  • Double back quality: -  This quality rug doesn’t need synthetic latex or recycled cotton backing. It is washable. ( use professional rug cleaner)
  • Single back quality: - This quality rug need synthetic latex or recycled cotton on its back side. It is not washable, only dry clean.( use professional rug cleaner)
  • Woven treasure quality: This quality rug is weaving flat in plain, stripe & check patterns only. It’s washable.( use professional rug cleaner)


   Equipment used for weaving  







Kelim durry is a thick flat woven traditional rug. It is made manually by skilled artisans on a traditional horizontal loom or vertical loom. It is produce tightly tying weft knots  on the warp cotton of the loom. It has a variety of use depending on size, pattern and material. It is easily portable being light weight and foldable. It comes in variety of color combinations and patterns catering to the needs of any taste or occasion. It has a low maintenance cost and can be used many years.

This quality rug is made in different materials like Bamboo silk, Viscose, Wool etc. Geometrical, Stripes, Floral, Modern & Plain design durries are made on it. Normally a modern rug size140x200 cm gets off from loom in 1-2 days by 2 weavers.

  Equipment used for weaving.






Shaggy carpet characterized by a longer pile length than other rugs. It’s made on horizontal loom. It made in different quality of loom Pit loom, Punja loom & Table Tufted,  A wide variety of materials can be used to manufacture shaggy rugs. Shaggy rugs are soft and plush. 

This quality rugs are made in different materials like Polyester, Malai Dori & Wool etc. Geometrical, Stripes, Floral, Modern & Plain design carpets are made on it. Normally a modern rug size 140x200 cm get off from loom in 1-2 days by 1 weavers.


Chindi durry made by waste textile fabrics. It come  from fabric mills and sorted out the fabrics by color tones & quality wise such as cotton polyester etc. then make durry to using the color tones & quality.It is Running in the market for their superior finish, low maintenance and durability. It is good choice rugs for those who love the environment and being to be eco friendly. We encourage our customer to go for Recycle products.

This quality rugs are also made by recycled cotton mix with different materials like Jute, Wool, Cotton & Leather etc. Modern, geometrical & Floral designs are made on it. Normally a rug size 140x200 cm get off from loom in  1 day by 1 weavers.


  Equipment used for weaving.








Patchwork Rugs are available in all type of rugs. It’s manufactured under the supervision of expert & professionals person. It’s a needlework that involves sewing together pieces of rugs into a larger design. The larger design is usually based on repeating patterns built up with different Rugs shapes (which can be different colors). These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shape making them easy to Stitching together. Then Stitch or joining some different cutting of same quality with sewing  or other material ( synthetic ). After stitching  or joining cut pieces, rug send for backing with rexine or felt wool as per the requirement to finish the process and give them a new look of carpet.

This quality rugs are made in different materials like Leather, Hairon Leather, Canvas Fabric, Viscose, Wool and even woollen rug & carpets etc. Normally a design rug size 140x200 cm get ready in 2-3 days by 3-4 workers .



There are many types of rugs that are referred to as a Flat Weave Rug. They go by many different names depending on where and how they are made. Some of the ones that you might have heard of are aubusson, dhurrie, kilim, Navajo, rag rugs, soumak, and different types of tapestries. Wool and cotton are the primary fibers used in making flat weave rugs. However, modern imitations of these rugs may use synthetic fibers. These flat weaves can either be hand woven or made by a machine. Flat woven rugs are generally reversible, since weaving allows for the pattern and colors to be the same on the front and the back of the rug. Flat weave rugs do not have a pile like a traditional hand knotted rug and so this gives the rug a different look and feel. Being on a regular vacuuming schedule, along with professional cleanings are important to keep your flat weave rug looking good for years.

Advantages of a flat weave rug compared to other rug styles:

Flat weave rugs are generally priced affordably compared to hand knotted rugs of the same size. This is  great for someone wanting a nice rug without the high price. Flat weaves come in many different designs and colors that will match most any decor. Flat weave rugs usually weight a lot less than a same size rug with a pile. This makes it easier to be moved around by one person. These rugs fold up to a small size for easy storage when not in use.

The flat weave rugs are made in different materials like Bamboo silk, Jute, Wool, Cotton etc. Geometrical, Stripes, Floral, Modern & Plain design durries are made on it. Normally a modern rug size 140x200 cm get off from loom in 2-3 days by 2 weavers

    Equipment used for weaving.  





Hand-Knotted carpets is a traditional or antique pile carpet. It is one of the most oldest form and intricate weaving technique carried out by very skilled artisans or the expert & professionals weavers. It is weaving in vertical loom. The vertical loom has two fixed parallel wooden or Iron uprights, into which crossbeams are slotted. This is fairly large in size and several weavers can work side by side.  After the loom is set up, the warp threads are tied on the Vertical loom, and these are mostly of cotton. The Weaver secures the warps by arranging horizontal rows called as weft. The weft is of Cotton or wool or silk. The warp threads that eventually become the fringe of the rug. The weft runs horizontally and intertwines with the warp to create the base of rugs. The weft also creates the edges of the rug which hold the rug together. Once the carpet has been completed, the finished carpet is taken off the loom and the designs & patterns are trimmed by scissors, and then the pattern begins to emerge as the pile becomes shorter and more even. After this it sent for washing, where it is soaked in water. The water, along with any surplus dye and dirt, is then squeezed out several times using special wooden scrapers. Once the carpets have been washed, they are dried in the sun for up to 4 or 5 days, to stabilize the colors. During this process the colors fade slightly, giving the carpet its beautiful hue. The dried carpets are given the final touched by re-trimming and stretching wherever necessary. Finally, a thorough checking is done where any small holes that may have during washing or cutting are repaired, and the carpet is now ready for use.

This quality rugs are made in different materials like Bamboo silk, Viscose, Wool etc. Each and every knots are individually made. Modern, Geometrical, Persian & Floral designs are made on it. Normally a modern design rug size 140x200 cm get off from loom in 12-15 days by 2 weavers.  Knots in 1 sq inch determine the quality of the rug. For exp. 5 Warp x 6 Weft = 30  knots in 5/28 Hand Knotted quality.

     Equipment used for Weaving.






The Indo-Nepali rugs are simple contemporary rug. It is made by Indian weaver. It’s weaving technique same as hand knotted carpet. Its designs are simple and plain Rugs with elaborate designs paired with perfectly mellowed tones of colors. Best of all, Nepali rugs aren’t too expensive among the Oriental and Persian rug market.

This quality rug is made in different materials like Bamboo silk, Viscose, Wool etc. Modern, geometrical & floral designs are made on it. Normally a modern design rug size140x200 cm gets off from loom in 7-8 days by 2 weavers. Knots in 1 sq inch determine the quality of the rug. For exp. 10 warp x 5 Weft = 50 knots in 9/25 Nepali quality.

 Equipment used for weaving.





Pit loom is a type of loom which is fit in a pit where the artisan makes the rug through the use of pedals and normally the base of pit loom is stronger than handloom & can go without latex. It is used mainly for producing thin flat-weave rugs but can also weave shaggy pile rugs. It is same as handloom; the only different is its size & height. It is pit loom because of the pit below the loom, which is used for the shedding operation. The space or gap between the two layers of the warp threads is called shed. A shed is produced by means of heals are used for shedding. Weft are inserted manually inside the shed.

Pit loom weaving is considered to be a better weaving as the fabric woven retains the character of the yarns and fabric due to the proximity to the ground. The ground absorbs the tension & speed and makes the fabric more breathable, which is the reason for these rugs being less dense or stiff.

This loom makes rugs in different materials like Bamboo silk, Viscose, Wool, Cotton, Jute etc. Geometrical, Stripes & Plain design durries are made on it. Normally a stripe design rug size140x200 cm get off from loom in 2 days by single weaver.

Jacquard Durry is made on handloom & powerloom machine technology. Jute, Wool, Silk & Fibers etc. Materials used to make it with blend of gorgeous color and stylish elegant look.It's make in Floral, Stripe, Geomatrical & Modern pattern. It's fade resistance, super soft and light in weight. It easy to clean.

Yes,  You Can give your own design, color and size. Our team is always ready to create a rug that is perfectly matched to your requirement. With the help of our dedicated team you can choose between thousand shades of colors or we can match to a sample of anything you bring to us. Designs can be made into Runner, Circle  Square & more.


Througout the process we will show you the Designs, Color & Patterns to check it and may also make a small sample to check the Color, Patterns & Materials. Weaving Custom size rug take more times to weave but the result is ultimate luxury.